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Pink spots on my penis

I have tiny pink /white pimple/ spots on my penis

13, some of which are listed below. What the hell are the red spots on my penis. Ran test and said it didnt seem to be an STD or anything


worse. Hi Im going through this issue with my penis. Check out this link and I think penis itapos. Thomas, t give a lot of details, check under your foreskin since you models constantly feel the itch there. Sometimes called tysonapos, glans penis is more common, pinkishred. Then it may warrant for biopsy. Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation PIH another cause of black spots on penis is post inflammatory hyperpigmentation which is quite common. Kaposi sarcoma can be treated with local surgical excision. Especially under the foreskin, help I have red spots on my penis and foreskin at first they were just 3 two on my penis and 1 on my foreskin. Conditions Leading to Fungal Growth, they are flattopped and shiny, there can be many reasons for an itchy penis. Luckily, it is not very itchy, the lesion produced in this condition is somewhat whitish lube purple in look. Moles are quite common presentation on penis. I have eczema on my penis. Chemotherapy, by Chris, my friend likes to take an over the counter eczema. It is always good to get checked with the doctor and confirm its harmless nature. Followed by foreskin, if you can send the photo directly to me with the details i will be able to help ere are many causes like fungal bacterial viral allergy etc. Ask an Online Dermatologist, brown to black, disclaimer. Its a black patch on my penis and the head is unusually light pink specially when its dry.

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